TUT Acoustic scenes 2016, Development dataset



    TUT Acoustic Scenes 2016, development dataset consists of 30-seconds audio segments from 15 acoustic scenes:

    Bus - traveling by bus in the city (vehicle)
    Cafe / Restaurant - small cafe/restaurant (indoor)
    Car - driving or traveling as a passenger, in the city (vehicle)
    City center (outdoor)
    Forest path (outdoor)
    Grocery store - medium size grocery store (indoor)
    Home (indoor)
    Lakeside beach (outdoor)
    Library (indoor)
    Metro station (indoor)
    Office - multiple persons, typical work day (indoor)
    Residential area (outdoor)
    Train (traveling, vehicle)
    Tram (traveling, vehicle)
    Urban park (outdoor)

    Each acoustic scene has 78 segments totaling 39 minutes of audio.
    Koska saatavilla8 helmik. 2016
    JulkaisijaTampere University of Technology

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