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    Laboratory for Future Electronics has over 250 m2 dedicated lab space, which includes 60 m2 dust-free processing laboratory. Our printing facility includes four inkjet printers (Dimatix DMP-2831, SIJ Technology, and two iTi MDS 2.0), gravure (NSM Labratester), flexography (RK Flexiproof 100), and screen printer TIC SCF-300. SIJ Technology enables printing of sub-femtoliter droplets (line widths order of 1µm). All printing technologies are available in same cleanroom, which makes our lab unique. In addition to cleanroom capability, one of the iTi printers is placed outside the cleanroom, where we have integrated on-line laser sintering unit for Cu-nano inks. Additional processing equipment includes stencil printer, spin coater, pulse fiber laser (Corelase X-lase), FinePlacer, flip-chip bonder, and e-beam evaporator. The evaporator is equipped with a transfer system for transferring samples under inert conditions to an Ar glove box equipped with electrical feedthroughs for characterization and storage. The printing lab also has extensive equipment for characterization of material and device properties and performance including DropWatcher, contact angle measurement, viscometer, optical profilometer (Veeco), electrochemical work station (Zennium), supercapcitor test station (Maccor), source-measure units (Keithley) and a high end Keysight semiconductor analyzer with probe-station. Furthermore, TUT has developed its environmental test facilities, which include Espec TSA-71S-W Thermal Shock Chamber, Espec PL-1KPH Temperature and Humidity Chamber, Espec EGNX12-6CAL Temperature and Humidity Chamber, Espec EV-501 Vibration Shaker, and Ascott S450 XP Salt Spray Chamber, strain tester. This equipment is used to evaluate the suitability of printing technology for stretchable electronics.


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