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    Human Information Processing Laboratory (HIP) is a research laboratory within the Faculty of Social Sciences, and within The Welfare Sciences Unit. HIP laboratory conducts research and provides teaching in the subject of psychology at Tampere University.

    The research focus of the HIP laboratory is in the cognitive, neural, and developmental mechanisms involved in the perception socially relevant information, and the factors contributing to individual differences in social information processing. Special research themes include various aspects of face perception, cognitive and neural processing of eye contact, emotion processing in infants and adults, as well as face and gaze processing in children with autism.

    The infrastructure is used by researchers of human social cognitive and developmental processes, and by students at bachelor's, master’s, and postgraduate levels. Researchers at HIP laboratory provide supervision of academic theses and offer opportunities for students of psychology hands-on experiences in research practice and investigation, including psychophysiological measurements.

    For further information on laboratory infrastructure, please visit:


    • BF Psychology


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