Tampere University Prize for teaching excellence and the development of teaching

Palkinto: Palkinto tai huomionosoitus tuotoksesta


The justifications for the prize state that the previously lecture-based teaching in the course has been replaced by problem-based learning in small groups. The justifications also highlight participatory methods that involve students, and the transdisciplinary development of teaching and supervision across the boundaries of subjects and units. In addition to the teachers in the course, the course has been planned and implemented by academic officers, study psychologists, and experts in entrepreneurship, speech communication, and the Library’s information retrieval specialists. Master’s students in speech communication also taught communication and interaction skills in the course. The team: University Instructor Mikko Vanhatalo (ENS/Kone), Associate Professor (tenure track) Tero Juuti (ENS/Kone), University Instructor Juha Nykänen (ENS/Mat), University Instructor Sanna Auvinen (ENS/Mat), University Instructor Johanna Ruoranen (ENS/Mat), Senior Research Fellow Helena Leppäkoski (ENS/Aut), Senior Specialist Mervi Miettinen (Library), University Lecturer Sanna Ala-Kortesmaa (ITC/speech communication), Visiting Researcher Ulla Saari (MAB/entrepreneurship), Academic Officer Hanna Lehtelä (ENS)
Tunnustuksen arvoRegional
Myöntävät organisaatiotTampereen yliopisto, Suomi