«Давайте думать, и все четверо…» (рассуждение как лингвопедагогический прием и элемент поэтики в повести Л.А. Ярцовой «Неистощимый кошелек»)

Aleksandr Zelenin, Dmitry Rudnev

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Heated debates about the methods of teaching children their native language, about understanding the differences between the types of texts as a mechanism and a product of mental activity were inextricably linked with the deep transformation of Russian society in the second half of the 19th century. A significant strengthening of monetary and financial relations in a changing society, and, as a result, the penetration of money into family communication became an urgent educational issue for children’s literature. L.A. Yartsova in her story “The Inexhaustible Purse” (1861) innovatively revealed the theme of money in the life of a child, using the functional-semantic type of speech “reasoning”. Different types of reasoning (refutation, inference, confirmation, justification) are used in the story as a tool of poetics and didactics. The story is structured as a cycle of meaningfully unrelated stories-reasoning, in which a mother and her three children of different ages independently seek rational-logical and lexical-syntactic arguments to reveal the metaphortask “inexhaustible purse”. The linguo-didactic aspect of Yartsova’s story lies in the fact that in the process of writing stories-reasoning (the function of writing in literature lessons), children master the method of constructing reasoning and linguistic forms for its implementation (educational-target function). The stories represent a gradational-hierarchical ascent to the concept of money: from the limited by age and personality (the reasoning of children) to the socially significant, synthesized in the reasoning of the mother. Yartsova’s use of reasoning as a way of constructing a children’s story testifies to the penetration in the 19th century of elements of scientific speech into other speech systems, including the language of children’s fiction.
Julkaisun otsikon käännösLet’s think, and all we four ...” (Reasoning as a linguo-pedagogical method and an element of poetics in the story of L.A. Yartsova “The Inexhaustible Purse”)
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TilaJulkaistu - tammik. 2022
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