A conceptual framework for understanding and identifying gamblified experiences

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Gamblification, i.e. the use of gambling as a tool to influence consumer decision-making, has most recently been associated with the monetisation of digital games. Yet, despite such implementations receiving the majority of attention, gamblification is not restricted to this context. Indeed, it is becoming increasingly visible across a range of media products and services, with the potential to be used to achieve pro-social as well as commercial aims. Given the varied implementations of gamblification, it is important to develop tools and methods which allow gamblified experiences and interactions to be investigated and analysed; thereby providing a basis for in-depth investigation by relevant stakeholders. This work presents a conceptual framework for identifying and evaluating the components which constitute gamblified experiences. It then applies the framework to an online health and wellbeing service in order to illustrate the application of the framework and the knowledge it generates. In addition to providing a practical tool for identifying and assessing gamblified products and services across a range of contexts, this work also offers theoretical insights into our understanding and interpretation of gamblified experiences. It draws from a wide range of disciplines and sources to deepen understanding of a topic which is growing in both social and economic significance. In addition, the importance of ethical implications in understanding the impact upon both individuals and wider society is underscored. While also highlighting that the potential success, or otherwise, of gamblified experiences in realising intended outcomes is impacted by the motivational drivers they gratify.

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