A social capital perspective on gaining optimal solutions from suppliers as preferred customer

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    Capable suppliers willing to provide their best possible offering are increasingly scarce. Such suppliers increasingly select customers to whom they invest their best resources and provide the best offerings. The existing research has paid only limited attention to the antecedents of supplier’s solution provision performance, i.e. the design of a good solution and its implementation. Further, existing empirical research has rarely taken a detailed view on the phases of a supplier’s solution provision. This study seeks answers to the following questions: can the availability or absence of social capital in the supplier-buyer relationship explain supplier’s solution provision performance?, what is the importance of different forms of social capital in supplier’s solution provision performance and the different phases of solution provision? The empirical data of this study is collected with a survey addressed to suppliers of four large companies. The survey is sent to 1630 supplier companies and 662 usable responses are received resulting in a response rate of 41%. Partial least squares (PLS) structural equation modelling (SEM) and polynomial regression are used to analyze the data. The results demonstrate the importance of social capital in obtaining the optimal solution from suppliers. The results also present that different types of social capital have different influence on the phases of solution provision. Diagnosis of customer needs appears as the phase most significantly driven by social capital prevalent in the supplier-buyer relationship. The results also show that different forms of social capital can compensate each other and that structural capital can take a stronger role compared to relational capital.
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    Kesto: 10 elok. 201814 elok. 2018


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    ConferenceAnnual meeting of the Academy of Management


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