A web-based simulator for a discrete manufacturing system

Wael M. Mohammed, Andrei Lobov, Borja Ramis Ferrer, Sergii Iarovyi, Jose L. Martinez Lastra

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    Virtualization has become a supportive approach for simulating system behaviour efficiently thanks to the revolution of computer and smart devices. In fact, the employment of running virtual tools that mimic the real physical world is nowadays a requirement in some fields as in e.g. industrial automation. This research work presents a virtual tool that simulates a real assembly line. The main features of this simulator are listed as; web application that can be accessed with any devices that supports html web pages, animated application that provides a UI for the user, discovery mechanism that allows web applications to interact with the simulator automatically and RESTful-based services, which increases the flexibility and versatility in terms of deployment. FASTory simulator has been developed and deployed during the eScop project. In addition, presented simulator has been employed by C2NET (Cloud Collaborative Manufacturing Networks) project for development some of its tools. Furthermore, the exploitation of the FASTory simulator is extended to cover as well the education of next generation of engineers for design and implementation of modern CPS. As Tampere University of Technology provides a M.Sc. degree in automation engineering, students use the simulator for their experiments, ensuring that mistakes are recoverable and harmless.
    OtsikkoIECON 2016 - 42nd Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society
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    TilaJulkaistu - 22 jouluk. 2016
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    TapahtumaAnnual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society -
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    ConferenceAnnual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society
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