AR-based interaction for human-robot collaborative manufacturing

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Industrial standards define safety requirements for Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) in industrial manufacturing. The standards particularly require real-time monitoring and securing of the minimum protective distance between a robot and an operator. This paper proposes a depth-sensor based model for workspace monitoring and an interactive Augmented Reality (AR) User Interface (UI) for safe HRC. The AR UI is implemented on two different hardware: a projector-mirror setup and a wearable AR gear (HoloLens). The workspace model and UIs are evaluated in a realistic diesel engine assembly task. The AR-based interactive UIs provide 21–24% and 57–64% reduction in the task completion and robot idle time, respectively, as compared to a baseline without interaction and workspace sharing. However, user experience assessment reveal that HoloLens based AR is not yet suitable for industrial manufacturing while the projector-mirror setup shows clear improvements in safety and work ergonomics.
JulkaisuRobotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
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TilaJulkaistu - marrask. 2019
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