Arbo Shelter - Possibilities of Sustainable PDPC Housing using Prefabricated Massive Wood Construction

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Possibilities of Sustainable PDPC Housing using Prefabricated Massive Wood Construction. Mari-Sohvi Miettinen, Ari Hynynen, Virpi Palomäki

The article studies the possibilities of the use of massive wood prefabricated construction when pursuing sustainable housing solutions after a disaster or conflict. Prefabricated housing on PDPC areas is often criticised, but use of wood might answer some of the issues addressed in readymade solutions.

The article is based on findings made in development projects at [anonym.] University. In addition to literature review, the research group developed a design concept for a wooden single family housing unit. It worked as a boundary object that summed up the collected knowledge and allowed multi-disciplinary co-operation. It also worked as a base for carbon calculations and comparison to a common metal container shelter.

Our key finding is, that in addition to wood’s low carbon footprint, wooden construction might also benefit the social and economic sustainability of PDPC housing. Wood’s adaptability offers possibilities for either reuse or transformations by the user, which is essential regarding the uncertain time span of PDPC housing. Health effects of wooden surfaces can also bring comfort to people in insecure circumstances.
TilaJulkaistu - lokak. 2022
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TapahtumaAnnual Symposium of Architectural Research: Making (a)mends - Tampere, Suomi
Kesto: 20 lokak. 202221 lokak. 2022
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ConferenceAnnual Symposium of Architectural Research

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