Behavior of lap splices in reinforced concrete beams after bar yielding

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Structural ductility in the case of plastic hinges forming close to a lap splice has been an open issue with the revision process of the next version of Eurocode EC2 concerning reinforced-concrete structures. This research has provided experimental evidence by the large experimental campaign for the background for revision of the Eurocode EC2. Within this context, 38 specimens were tested in four-point bending, with the longitudinal bars either lap-spliced (partly or fully), or un-spliced (for reference). The tests were carried out involving the variation of the bar diameter (12, 16, 20, and 25 mm), and the lap length (20–60 times the bar diameter). The main result is the sizeable enhancement of the structural ductility brought in by the extension of the lap length in excess of the length required by the yielding of the longitudinal bars. Based on these findings, a preliminary model is developed to describe the bond-stress profiles in lap splices, after the yielding of the bars.

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