Changing epidemiology of traumatic brain injury among the working-aged in Finland: Admissions and neurosurgical operations

Jussi P. Posti, Teemu M. Luoto, Jussi O.T. Sipilä, Päivi Rautava, Ville Kytö

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Background: Recent studies from Finland have highlighted an increase in the incidence of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in older age groups and high overall mortality. We performed a comprehensive study on the changing epidemiology of TBI focusing on the acute events in the Finnish working-age population. Methods: Nationwide databases were searched for all emergency ward admissions with a TBI diagnosis for persons of 16–69 years of age during 2004–2018. Results: In the Finnish working-age population, there were 52,487,099 person-years, 38,810 TBI-related hospital admissions, 4664 acute neurosurgical operations (ANO), and 2247 cases of in-hospital mortality (IHM). The TBI-related hospital admission incidence was 94/100,000 person-years in men, 44/100,000 in women, and 69/100,000 overall. The incidence rate of admissions increased in women, while in men and overall, the rate decreased. The incidence rate increased in the group of 60–69 years in both genders. Lowest incidence rates were observed in the age group of 30–39 years. Occurrence risk for TBI admission was higher in men in all age groups. Trends of ANOs decreased overall, while decompressive craniectomy was the only operation type in which a rise in incidence was found. Evacuation of acute subdural hematoma was the most common ANO. Mean length of stay and IHM rate halved during the study years. Conclusions: In Finland, the epidemiology of acute working-aged TBI has significantly changed. The rates of admission incidences, ANOs, and IHM nowadays represent the lower end of the range of these acute events reported in the western world.

JulkaisuActa Neurologica Scandinavica
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TilaE-pub ahead of print - maalisk. 2022
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