Core Project Team As a Management Entity for Construction Projects

Marko Keinänen, Kalle Kähkönen

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    The complexity of constructed facilities and the high degree of specialisation in design and construction generates very fragmented working environment for the construction project. Construction project organisations are built up from the units of organisations and they have arranged rules and procedures about how practicalities are to be done. A current perception of construction management is widely built around power, authority, and task orientation. This is resulting from the traditional focus of the construction industry on the technical and managerial features of construction projects. Organisations of construction projects vary substantially in their structure and this structure has considerable consequences to outcomes. Therefore, project management professionals continuously seek and establish new organisational and management structures and linkages to facilitate imperative cooperation between people and project partners. New understanding and amendments are broadening the content of construction project management and have provided new insights for successful construction operations. This paper is based on research according to this continuum by having focus on the appearances of management entity of a new kind, its significance and roles as a part of construction project management. The paper sought to summarize this literature and the survey study by focusing on the project management entity “core project team”, later “core team”. Drawing from this inclusive, the phenomenon of core team, the authors approach the field through six attributes, which have been selected to describe the new way for organising project management.
    JulkaisuIn_bo: Ricerche e progetti per il territorio, la citta e l'architettura. Construction Management
    TilaJulkaistu - 2018
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