Digital Hydraulic Valve Control in a Multi-Pressure System

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This paper studies a combination of two concepts: multi-pressure supply line and digital hydraulic valve control. The multi-pressure supply line consists of number of constant pressure supply lines each having a unique supply pressure. A digital flow control unit (DFCU) is connected between each supply line and actuator port in the proposed concept. When compared to traditional load sensing or constant pressure systems, the throttling losses can be significantly reduced by independently controlling the flow from each supply line to inflow-side and outflow-side of the actuator. Two control methods for the DFCUs in multi-pressure system are designed and simulation study is carried out to study the system dynamics and energy efficiency in excavator application. The simulation study compares the characteristics of a proportional valve-based multi-pressure system to DFCU-based multi-pressure system.
TilaJulkaistu - 19 syysk. 2022
OKM-julkaisutyyppiEi OKM-tyyppiä
TapahtumaThe 11th Workshop on Digital Fluid Power, (DFP22) - Edinburgh, Iso-Britannia
Kesto: 19 syysk. 202220 syysk. 2022


ConferenceThe 11th Workshop on Digital Fluid Power, (DFP22)


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