Evaluation of voice commands for mode change in virtual reality implant planning procedure

Hanna Riikka Rantamaa, Jari Kangas, Maarit Jordan, Helena Mehtonen, John Mäkelä, Kimmo Ronkainen, Markku Turunen, Osku Sundqvist, Ismo Syrjä, Jorma Järnstedt, Roope Raisamo

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Purpose: In dental implantology, the optimal placement of dental implants is important to meet functional and aesthetic requirements. Planning dental implants in virtual three-dimensional (3D) environment is possible using virtual reality (VR) technologies. The three-dimensional stereoscopic virtual reality environment offers advantages over three-dimensional projection on a two-dimensional display. The use of voice commands in virtual reality environment to replace button presses and other simple actions frees the user’s hands and eyes for other tasks. Methods: Six dentomaxillofacial radiologists experimented using a prototype version of a three-dimensional virtual reality implant planning tool, and used two different tool selection methods, using either only button presses or also voice commands. We collected objective measurements of the results and subjective data of the participant experience to compare the two conditions. Results: The tool was approved by the experts and they were able to do the multiple-implant planning satisfactorily. The radiologists liked the possibility to use the voice commands. Most of the radiologists were willing to use the tool as part of their daily work routines. Conclusion: The voice commands were useful, natural, and accurate for mode change, and they could be expanded to other tasks. Button presses and the voice commands should be both available and used in parallel. The input methods can be further improved based on the expert comments.

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TilaJulkaistu - 2022
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