Examining service experiences: comparing methods to capture children's experiences

Lauri Litovuo, Leena Aarikka-Stenroos, Johanna Kaipio, Nina Karisalmi

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    Purpose – Recent discussion on the service-dominant logic (SDL) and interest of studying service experiences in different contexts have been increased. However, this has brought up a new methodological challenge for contemporary research. Research methods used, need to capture experiences in the contexts of value co-creation while taking dimensions affecting to experience co-creation into account. This challenges researchers to adapt their methodology to be suitable for the context of studied phenomenon. This paper will provide a set of methodological snapshots applicable for SDL and service research in a context of healthcare services for children and their families.
    Design/Methodology/approach – Study draws on selected literature from the fields of service research and healthcare services and tests new methods of capturing experiences in a special experience context of children’s healthcare. We analyze and report a set empirical studies applying of qualitative and quantitative approaches for investigating experience in a special research field of children’s healthcare experience. These methodological approaches include probing, structured and unstructured interviews and surveys. We review and compare the key characteristics of the methods and their respective benefits for service experience research.
    Findings – Key findings shows that some research methods are more appropriate capturing children’s experience data. Study also suggest that some methods are more appropriate for capturing data of co-creation in children’s social contexts..
    Research implications – The paper builds contribution by increasing understanding on how different research methods capture dimensions of service experience co-creation and help researchers interested in studying children’s experiences to select an appropriate methodology for conducting their research.
    Originality/value – Service experience research lacks paper that pieces together different methodology approaches capturing complex phenomenon of children’s experiences.
    Key words methodology, children’s experiences, service experience, healthcare
    Paper type – Research paper
    OtsikkoThe 5th Naples Forum on Service 2017 proceedings
    AlaotsikkoSorrento, Naples, Italy 6-9 June 2017
    ToimittajatEvert Gummesson, Christina Mele, Francesco Polese
    ISBN (elektroninen)978-88-92667-57-0
    TilaJulkaistu - 9 kesäk. 2017
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