Exploring environmental value action gap and education research: a semi-systematic literature review

Rosamund Portus, Essi Aarnio-Linnanvuori, Bronagh Dillon, Frances Fahy, Deepak Gobinath, Anette Mansikka-aho, Sarah-Jayne Williams, Kathy Reilly, Lindsey McEwen

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Despite rising levels of interest in global environmental challenges, progress towards the widespread adoption of pro-environmental behaviours remains slow and inconsistent. Previous literature identifies the importance of education for working to address this inconsistency between the environmental values people hold and their behaviours, commonly described as the value-action gap. To examine current knowledge in this area we conducted a semi-systematic review of published literature which explicitly brings together value-action gap thinking and environmental education research. Our findings reveal that major areas of focus across this literature are either on the role of specific pedagogical approaches or broader policy and institutional structure. Based on our analysis of the literature, we suggest five priorities for future research. This includes research which contextualises educational visions within existing curricula, research which examines intergenerational learning, research which considers possibilities for collective action, research which studies a greater diversity of global locations, and research which examines the whole school approach.
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TilaE-pub ahead of print - 26 helmik. 2024
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