Factors associated with and 1-year outcomes of fear of falling in a geriatric post-hip fracture assessment

Roope Jaatinen, Tiina Luukkaala, Markus T. Hongisto, Minna A. Kujala, Maria S. Nuotio

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Background: Hip fracture causes not only physical injury but also psychological trauma. Fear of falling (FoF) is related to poor recovery, loss of mobility and mortality. There is limited data on the clinical factors affecting post-hip fracture FoF and its consequences. Objective: To investigate the factors associated with and 1-year outcomes of post-hip fracture FoF. Methods: An observational prospective cohort study. Data were collected on hospital admission, at a geriatric outpatient assessment 4–6 months post-hip fracture and by telephone interviews 1 year after the index fracture. FoF was assessed with a dichotomous single-item question. Logistic regression analyses were conducted to examine the age, gender and multivariable-adjusted association between baseline and the geriatric assessment domains with FoF. Follow-up outcomes included changes in mobility, living arrangements and mortality. Results: Of the 916 patients included, 425 (49%) had FoF at the time of their geriatric assessment. These patients were predominantly female and were living alone in their own homes with supportive home care. They scored lower on tests of physical performance. Less FoF was documented in patients with diagnosed cognitive disorders before the index fracture and in those with Clinical Dementia Rating ≥ 1. After adjusting for age and gender, no association was observed between FoF and any of the 1-year follow-up outcomes. Conclusion: Post-hip fracture FoF is common and associated with female gender, polypharmacy, poor daily functioning, poor physical performance and depressive mood. Patients with cognitive disorders have less FoF than those without. FoF appears to have no impact on the follow-up outcomes.

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TilaJulkaistu - 2022
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