Fast and easy live video service setup using lightweight virtualization

Antti Heikkinen, Pekka Pääkkönen, Marko Viitanen, Jarno Vanne, Tommi Riikonen, Kagan Bakanoglu

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    The service broker provides service providers with virtualized services that can be initialized rapidly and scaled up or down on demand. This demonstration paper describes how a service provider can set up a new video distribution service to end users with a diminutive effort. Our proposal makes use of Docker lightweight virtualization technologies that pack services in containers. This makes it possible to implement video coding and content delivery networks that are scalable and consume resources only when needed. The demonstration showcases a scenario where a video service provider sets up a new live video distribution service to end users. After the setup, live 720p30 video camera feed is encoded in real-time, streamed in HEVC MPEG-DASH format over CDN network, and accessed with a HbbTV compatible set-top-box. This end-to-end system illustrates that virtualization causes no significant resource or performance overhead but is a perfect match for online video services.

    OtsikkoProceedings of the 9th ACM Multimedia Systems Conference, MMSys 2018
    ISBN (elektroninen)9781450351928
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    TilaJulkaistu - 12 kesäk. 2018
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    TapahtumaACM Multimedia Systems Conference - Amsterdam, Alankomaat
    Kesto: 12 kesäk. 201815 kesäk. 2018


    ConferenceACM Multimedia Systems Conference


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