Framework for implementing track deterioration analytics into railway asset management

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Purpose: Recent research outputs can be difficult to implement into ongoing safety critical processes. Hence, research is well beyond current practices in railway asset management. This paper demonstrates the process of creating tangible change within a railway asset management organization by introducing a framework for advancing track geometry deterioration analyses (TGDA) in practice. Design/methodology/approach: The research was conducted in three parts: (1) maturity models were reviewed and adapted as the basis for the framework, (2) the initial maturity level was investigated by conducting semi-structured expert interviews, and (3) a framework for development was created in cooperation with stakeholders during three workshops. The methodology and findings were tested and applied in the Finnish state rail network asset management. Findings: The main output of this study is the framework for advancing TGDA in railway asset management. The novel framework provides structure for controlled incremental development, which is essential when altering a safety critical process. Practical implications: The research process was successfully applied in Finland. Following the steps presented in this article, any organization can apply the framework to plan their development schemes for railway asset management. Originality/value: Full-scale implementation of novel models and methods is often overlooked, which prevents practical asset management from obtaining tangible benefits from research. This research provides an innovative approach in narrowing the overlooked research gap and brings research results within the reach of practitioners.

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