Henkirikosten uhrien omaisten kielteiset elämänmuutokset

Anja Terkamo-Moisio, Mammu Siekkinen, Anna Aho

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Homicide causes severe crisis and trauma to the victim’s loved ones, whose feelings of death’s unnaturalness, unjustness and meaninglessness strengthens the bereavement and the negative feelings connected with it.This study describes the negative changes in life, experienced by the loved ones (n=29) of the victims of homicide. The data was collected by electronic questionnaire and analyzed by in-ductive content analysis.Based on the results, victims’ loved ones ex-perienced several negatives changes in life that were related with themselves, their social rela-tionships and society as well as life and the fu-ture. Informants described increased aggression, decreased alertness, changes of their character and getting ill. Changes of social relationships and society included increasing unsociability, reduced relationships, and growing lack of trust. Changes towards the future were described as strained life as well as decreasing sense of life and increasing hopelessness of the future.The changes of homicide victims’ relatives’ lives are multifaceted and comprehensive. These changes should be taken into account in the support directed to the loved ones of homicide victims. Special attention should be paid to the individuals, who are in working age to prevent further negative consequences
Julkaisun otsikon käännösNegative life changes for relatives of victims of homicides
TilaJulkaistu - 2021
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