High-Accuracy Ranging and Localization with Ultra-Wideband Communications for Energy-Constrained Devices

Laura Flueratoru, Silvan Wehrli, Michele Magno, Elena Simona Lohan, Dragos Niculescu

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Ultra-wideband (UWB) communications have gained popularity in recent years for being able to provide distance measurements and localization with high accuracy, which can enhance the capabilities of devices in the Internet of Things (IoT). Since energy efficiency is of utmost concern in such applications, in this work we evaluate the power and energy consumption, distance measurements, and localization performance of two types of UWB physical interfaces (PHYs), which use either a low-or high-rate pulse repetition (LRP and HRP, respectively). The evaluation is done through measurements acquired in identical conditions, which is crucial in order to have a fair comparison between the devices. We performed measurements in typical line-of-sight (LOS) and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) scenarios. Our results suggest that the LRP interface allows a lower power and energy consumption than the HRP one. Both types of devices achieved ranging and localization errors within the same order of magnitude and their performance depended on the type of NLOS obstruction. We propose theoretical models for the distance errors obtained with LRP devices in these situations, which can be used to simulate realistic building deployments and we illustrate such an example. This paper, therefore, provides a comprehensive overview of the energy demands, ranging characteristics, and localization performance of state-of-the-art UWB devices.

JulkaisuIEEE Internet of Things Journal
Varhainen verkossa julkaisun päivämäärä13 marrask. 2021
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TilaJulkaistu - 15 toukok. 2022
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