Improved interaction for mid-air projection screen technology

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    Mid-air, walk-through fogscreens are frequently used in trade shows, theme parks, museums, concerts, etc. They enhance many kinds of entertainment experiences and are captivating for the audience. Currently, they are usually employed only as non-responsive, passive screens for "immaterial" walk-through special effects. Suitable sensors can turn fogscreens into interactive touch screens or walk-through virtual reality screens. Several interactive systems have been implemented. However, the cost and other features of 2D and 3D tracking sensors have been prohibitive for wider commercial adoption. This chapter presents a Microsoft Kinect-based 2D and 3D tracking for mid-air projection screens. Kinect cannot track through the fogscreen due to disturbances caused by fog. In addition to robust tracking and lower cost, the custom Kinect tracking also brings along other advantages such as possibilities for projector's hotspot removal, ballistic tracking, multi-user, multi-touch, and virtual reality setups, and novel user interfaces.

    OtsikkoVirtual and Augmented Reality
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    TilaJulkaistu - 2018
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