Indicators for Takt Production Performance Assessment—A Conceptual Study

Kimmo Keskiniva, Arto Saari, Juha-Matti Kalevi Junnonen

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This conceptual study aims to produce rough analysis methods and visualizations for production data (formatted in time, location, and work) that can be collected from construction sites that utilize takt production. The scope is on creating methods for evaluating the soundness of the takt plan and its execution. Relevant production literature regarding takt production management and data collection are utilized in the production of the methods and visualizations. However, only imaginary production data are utilized in this study to keep the indicators as simplified and clear as possible. A total of seven indicators with varying levels of novelty are provided in the study. The proposed indicators emphasize punctual adherence to the takt schedule, homogenous production pace, avoiding trade overlapping in locations, steady work in process, and coherent short and long-term production targets. Both as-planned and as-built perspectives are considered. The proposed indicators are argued to be valuable for production management and research and development processes since they provide status information and document the progression of the production for later indicators purposes. This study also acts as a foundation for further empirical studies regarding takt production data utilization.
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TilaJulkaistu - 23 jouluk. 2023
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