Indicators of collaborative design management in construction projects

Jussi Matias Savolainen, Arto Saari, Anssi Männistö, Kalle Kähkonen

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    Purpose: Design management plays a significant role in value creation in a construction project. Within the last few decades, new design tools such as building information model have been introduced, which supposedly enhance design productivity and quality. However, no such revolution of design quality has emerged. Therefore, more research on how design management affects the quality of construction project is needed. The purpose of this paper is to better understand the connection between design management procedures and quality. Design/methodology/approach: This is a case study with a mixed-method approach. The data collection strategies used are quantitative user satisfaction survey and qualitative analysis over the documentation of the case project. Findings: A deductive analysis was conducted to four suggested indicators of beneficial collaboration. An explanation was found for how the quality of the project outcome can be forecasted from the management style and procedures. Research limitations/implications: The research was conducted as single case study, and therefore, greater data would enable further development of the indicators. Practical implications: The indicators have wide range of applicability: the clients can forecast the quality performance by evaluating the management procedures already during the project instead of waiting until the end of project. The indicator system also provides societal impact as it guides the clients to use the kind of managerial practices that improve the ability to create value in projects that are difficult to evaluate in money terms. Originality/value: The research provides a novel way to gain a holistic view with analytical indicator tools. The research contributes to lean design management literature by providing insight to the underlying mechanism of beneficial collaboration.

    JulkaisuJournal of Engineering, Design and Technology
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    TilaJulkaistu - 2018
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    • Construction project management
    • Design collaboration
    • Indicators
    • Lean design management
    • Quality


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