Individual Competence Requirements for Digital Technologies in Construction Management

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Digitalisation is an important change driver in the construction industry. However, most of its potential can be lost as the industry professionals lack the required competences. This paper presents part of a larger research in progress, where the aim is to facilitate construction management professionals’ development regarding the use of digital technologies to respond to the changing competence requirements in construction management created by digitalisation. In the part presented in this paper the research objectives have been to define the core terminology, to define what digital technology
means in construction management context, and to identify the current demand for digital technology competences within the construction management discipline. The research as a whole is a multi-method qualitative research relying on the constructivist paradigm. The research design has some exploratory
features, but is mostly descriptive. Research methods are a combination of literature reviews, document analyses, interviews and focus groups to inform the different stages of the framework development. In this part of the research state-of-the-art and systematic literature reviews, and document analysis have
been used. Concepts of digital technology, construction management and competence have been defined. The nature and type of digital technologies in construction management has been discussed and digital technology related competences have been explored.
OtsikkoNew Zealand Built Environment Research Symposium
KustantajaMassey University
TilaJulkaistu - 20 helmik. 2020
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ConferenceNew Zealand Built Environment Research Symposium
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