Interpersonal Haptic Communication: Review and Directions for the Future

Roope Raisamo, Katri Salminen, Jussi Rantala, Ahmed Farooq, Mounia Ziat

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Touch between people is an integral part of human life. Touch is used to convey information, emotions, and other social cues. Still, everyday remote communication remains mainly auditive or audio-visual. The theme of this article, interpersonal haptic communication, refers to any communication system that supports mediation of touch between two or more persons. We first present a scoping review of the state of the art in interpersonal haptic communication, including physiological and psychological basis of touch, affective and social touch, and mediated social touch. We then discuss emerging research themes that shape the future of interpersonal haptic communication, identify research gaps and propose key research directions for each theme. Finally, societal impact and ethical aspects are discussed.

JulkaisuInternational Journal of Human Computer Studies
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TilaJulkaistu - 18 kesäk. 2022
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