Is There a Nordic Freire? The Reception History of Freirian Ideas in Finland

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World-renowned educational theorist Paulo Freire has a decades-long legacy reaching all corners of the world. In this reception study, we ask, is there a Nordic Freire, that is, have the Nordic educators and scholars recognized Paulo Freire’s works in the past decades? Our reception study’s purpose is not to go into depth to Freire’s thinking but ponder if there is a tradition of “Freirian” research and pedagogy in our Nordic country? Thus, we contribute to the understanding of Freire’s legacy from the Nordic perspective. As an answer, we outline the trajectory of Freire’s reception over the decades. Our historical and empirical analysis is grounded on our prior knowledge of the field and based on a systematic literature review and contemporary informants as our retrospective sources. We systematically searched and reviewed Finnish educational literature from the early 1970s to 2000s using literature databases. Secondly, we applied snowball sampling to find and contact Finnish veteran educational researchers and practitioners of adult education and gathered their autobiographical first-hand reminiscences of Freire’s reception. Even if the direct impact has not been widespread and the proper academic research on Freire emerged belatedly, there have been many significant connections and echoes. Furthermore, we highlight that the Finnish educational system’s renewal since the late 1960s was parallel to the Freirian spirit of educational, social justice. In conclusion, we suggest that by applying the Freirian approach, it is possible to develop critical literacy and a sense of initiative for the oppressed.
JulkaisuJournal for Critical Education Policy Studies
TilaJulkaistu - toukok. 2021
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