Knowledge-Based Management Challenges in the Asset life Cycle

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This study examines knowledge-based management challenges at different stages of the asset life cycle in project networks. The case network is the infrastructure construction sector, which includes organizations in design, construction and maintenance. This sector forms an interesting case as there are multiple problems related to knowledge-based management. By comparing the maturity levels of the different stages of the asset life cycle, we aim to identify the major challenges in knowledge-based management in asset life cycles within the infrastructure sector. A maturity survey on knowledge-based management was distributed to 22 organizations, generating 68 respondents. The respondents worked in infrastructure sector organizations at different stages of the asset life cycle, including design, construction and maintenance. The findings of the survey were compared, so as to present relevant issues at each stage, and analysed with a framework suggested for the maturity model. There is little research on knowledge-based management relating to the asset life cycle. Therefore, this study creates new knowledge in this area and enhances understanding of how issues of knowledge-based management differ in the stages of the life cycle as a manifestation of knowledge management. Organizations in the infrastructure sector gain valuable information on the issues that need to be fixed so as to gain more value from digitalization. This research is part of the ProDigial research programme whose practical contribution will be a manual on knowledge-based management for asset-managing organizations.
OtsikkoProceedings of the 23rd European Conference on Knowledge Management ECKM 2022
AlaotsikkoHosted By University of Naples Parthenope and University of Naples Federico II, Italy, 1–2 September 2022
ToimittajatRoberto Cerchione, Piera Centobelli
Vuosikerta23, No 2
ISBN (elektroninen)978-1-914587-47-4
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TilaJulkaistu - 2022
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TapahtumaEuropean Conference on Knowledge Management - Naples, Italia
Kesto: 1 syysk. 20222 syysk. 2022


NimiProceedings of the European conference on knowledge management
ISSN (painettu)2048-8963
ISSN (elektroninen)2048-8971


ConferenceEuropean Conference on Knowledge Management


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