Nina Nygren (Suunnittelija), Lucas Brunet (Suunnittelija), Ville Kankainen (Suunnittelija), Julia Prusi (Muu), Nancy Nilsson (Muu)

Tutkimustuotos: TaideteosArt in non-art work


The Offsetting Game simulates the mechanics of biodiversity offsetting and the controversies surrounding its implementation as a tool for nature conservation and land-use planning. Biodiversity offsetting is a fairly new tool when it comes to conservation and land-use planning. Biodiversity offsetting means that the damages that e.g. project construction causes to nature are offset by restoring similar nature elsewhere.

In the game two teams of players, conservationists and developers compete against each other. The game is played on a game board, or play area, consisting of 25 nature tiles set in a 5x5 square. The goal of the game depends on which faction the player belongs to: developers aim to replace nature tiles with project tokens, while conservationists aim to keep as many nature tiles on the table as possible.
Julkaisun otsikon käännösOffsetting Game
JulkaisupaikkaTampere, Finland
Tuotoksen mediaPainettu
TilaJulkaistu - 2021
OKM-julkaisutyyppiEi OKM-tyyppiä


  • board game
  • biodiversity offsetting
  • serious game
  • science communication

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