Learning from fall-related interventions for older people at home: A scoping review

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This scoping review aims to provide a better understanding about the fall-related interventions, and the conditions which stand out as effective in decreasing fall risks of older people at home. A total of 28 peer-reviewed papers were included when they reported interventions with an incidence of falls or fall-risk as a primary outcome for older people, focusing on the home environment, from 8 databases. Qualitative examination was complemented by quantitative risk ratio analysis where it was feasible. The interventions regarding incidence of falls had a mean risk rate of 0.75; moreover, interventions using multiple strategies were found relatively successful. The interventions regarding fall risk had a mean hazard rate of 0.66. A considerable number of no-effect ratios were evident. Combining education, home assessment or improvement, and use of technology with implementation by health service experts appears to be the most promising intervention strategy to reduce falls.
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TilaJulkaistu - 2023
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