Lime treatment of a soft sensitive clay: A sustainable reuse option

Marta Di Sante, Bruno Di Buò, Evelina Fratalocchi, Tim Länsivaara

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This paper presents the results of research aimed at studying the hydraulic and mechanical behavior of Finnish soft clays treated by quicklime. This research investigated the effect of water content and curing time on the characteristics of the compacted soil treated with 7% lime, with the aim of verifying the effectiveness of lime treatment and evaluating its possible re-use, thus avoiding landfill disposal. A laboratory-testing program was carried out both on treated and untreated soil, supported by microstructural investigation. Results have shown a general increase of the hydraulic conductivity due to the addition of lime, reduction of compressibility, and increase in the soil shear strength for a wide range of water contents (10%–40%), proving the effectiveness of the lime treatment. Lime addition to the compacted clay at high water contents (90%–130%) turned out to improve the mechanical characteristics to a lesser extent, while fractionated lime supply did not significantly improve the mechanical performance. The results of this research demonstrate that the re-use of sensitive clays, typically of high water contents, by lime addition require a drying process. Different drying procedures can be adopted (proposed in the paper) depending on the specific site conditions. However, the soil treatment is generally economically convenient in comparison to the disposal in waste landfills, which would represent the only alternative solution.

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TilaJulkaistu - 2020
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