Maximal surgical effort increases the risk of postoperative complications in the treatment of advanced ovarian cancer

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Introduction: Surgery is the cornerstone of the treatment for advanced ovarian cancer. Reaching complete cytoreduction resulting in no gross residual disease often requires complex surgery. The aim of this study was to assess the impact of increased surgical radicality on the risk of complications in the treatment of advanced ovarian cancer. Materials and methods: All consecutive patients with advanced ovarian cancer (FIGO Stage IIIB-IVB) who had undergone primary or interval debulking surgery during a six-year study period were identified. In the midst of the study period, a surgical practice change towards maximal surgical effort occurred. Two groups were formed for the analysis: cohort A, that consisted of patients operated before the surgical paradigm shift and cohort B, that consisted of patients operated under the period of increased surgical radicality. Results: 252 patients were included in the analysis. Complete resection (R0) was achieved in 21.3% of surgeries in cohort A and in 51.2% in cohort B. The total postoperative complication rate was 76.2%. Most of the complications (86.5%) were minor (Clavien-Dindo I-IIIA). The patients in cohort B were at increased risk for complications, OR 2.94 (95%CI 1.58–5.47; p = 0.001). As for the approach to cytoreduction (primary vs. interval debulking), there was no statistically significant association with the occurrence of postoperative complications (p = 0.659). Conclusion: In the present study more extensive surgeries led to better surgical results but increased postoperative morbidity. Postoperative complication rates were similar in both primary and interval debulking surgeries.

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