Newly graduated nurses’ evaluation of the received orientation and their perceptions of the clinical environment: An intervention study

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Background: New graduate nurses (NGN) are the future of healthcare organizations where a shortage of nurses will soon be reality. The transition from a student to a registered nurse can be a demanding and challenging time, and in order to retain new graduate nurses, the transition should be as smooth as possible. Aim: The aim of this study was to examine preceptors’ education intervention’s impact on NGNs’ orientation period and their clinical learning environment from NGNs’ point of view. Material and Methods: This survey was a part of a longitudinal quasi-experimental intervention study. Participating units were randomized into intervention group and control group. The intervention group’s preceptors (n=174)were provided a face-to-face education about orientation. Results: NGNs (n=72) were relatively satisfied with the received orientation. However, intervention group was more discontented with their orientation experiences than the control group. The control group’s NGNs had longer orientation periods and more feedback discussions. They were also more satisfied with their preceptor’s orientation skills and their working environment was more responsive. Discussion: Even though the impact of the intervention was inconclusive, this study provided us important information about NGNs’ first steps towards the nursing profession by giving us clear improvement targets. We need a culture of feedback, individualized orientation and understanding that orientation should be our common interest. Investing in orientation is investing for the future. Conclusion: This study indicated that the increase in knowledge did not translate into everyday practice. This finding will hopefully give rise to discussion within organizations on how to utilize employees’ gained knowledge more effectively.

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