Nonlinear storytelling method for interdisciplinary and cross expertise-level communication of knowledge

Mika Letonsaari, Jukka Selin

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Communicating knowledge is not always a simple task because people have different frames of references. This is especially true with interdisciplinary projects and projects where participants of different expertise-level need to communicate. We have experimented with the use of nonlinear storytelling in our research projects to solve the barriers of communication. In this article, we report our experience of using the nonlinear storytelling method from the viewpoint of challenges in interdisciplinary and cross expertise-level communication. First-year upper secondary education vocational college students (n = 12) were given an introduction to computer science concepts, computational thinking skills, and basic computer programming using nonlinear storytelling. Feasibility of the method was assessed with a questionnaire of situational interest and self-evaluation. Students' assessment for the interest, meaningfulness, and learning development was good (average 3.72 to 4.0 on scale 1 to 5). We found that nonlinearity, gamification and the usability of tools promote all for an intuitive approach to the deeper processing of the subject matter and enable a good basis for communicating complex ideas.
OtsikkoInternational Conference on Interdisciplinarity of Knowledge, Education and Research, IKER 2019
TilaJulkaistu - 2019
Julkaistu ulkoisestiKyllä
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