Novel fine particle reduction method for wood stoves based on high-temperature electric collection of naturally charged soot particles

H. Suhonen, A. Laitinen, M. Kortelainen, H. Koponen, N. Kinnunen, M. Suvanto, J. Tissari, O. Sippula

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Air pollution emitted by residential biomass combustion (RBC) is a known cause of adverse health and climate effects. Currently, manufacturers of stoves and fireplaces are facing challenges due to tightening emission regulations, such as the Ecodesign Directive in the European Union. Consequently, there is a demand for new emission control solutions for RBC. Herein, a novel method has been introduced to reduce particulate emissions, namely: high-temperature electric soot collector (HiTESC). In this method, an electrically insulated high-voltage electrode is installed in a combustion chamber, which generates an electric field. Particles that acquire the electrical charges produced by flames are collected on the electrode surface and oxidized at high temperatures. A fine particle (PM1) reduction efficiency of 45% was achieved using this method in a logwood-fired masonry heater. The reduction efficiency of the method was found to be dependent on the combustion phase. The PM1 reduction was most efficient during the flaming conditions, when the PM emissions were the highest with the studied logwood appliance. The advantages of this method are its simple construction, low space requirement, and low energy consumption; further, it does not require a separate cleaning mechanism. The proposed method can be used in logwood-fired combustion appliances to achieve future emission regulation limits, without using costly exhaust after-treatment systems.

JulkaisuJournal of Cleaner Production
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TilaJulkaistu - 20 elok. 2021
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