Numerical Evaluation of the Influence of Initial Microcrack Population on Compressive Strength of Granitic Rock

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Compressive strength of hard rocks is one of the most widely used parameters in rock engineering applications such as comminution and rock breakage. Compressive strength of hard rocks is controlled, among other factors (such as shape and size of the tested specimens, strain rate, porosity, grain size, etc.), by microcrack population, whether it be natural (which is present in all rocks and comes from their geological history) or loading induced (which is caused for example by excavation activities). Therefore, evaluation of microcracks influence on compressive strength of rock is of fundamental importance.

The aim of this study is to evaluate numerically the effect of natural microcrack populations on the compressive strength of heterogeneous hard rock specimens. Heterogeneity is taken into account by representing rock mineral mesostructure as random clusters of polygonal cells and by assigning to each cell different mechanical properties. The rock constitutive model employs a (strong) embedded discontinuity finite element formulation to describe cracks in rock material. Crack initiation follows Rankine criterion. According to this, a crack is introduced in the element when the first principal stress exceeds the tensile strength. In polycrystalline rocks, such as granite, fracture is generally of mode I type. Tensile microcracks induced by tensile stresses grow and coalesce to form macrocracks, leading eventually to axial splitting failure mode of the specimen.

The model performance is tested first in numerical simulations of uniaxial compression on idealized, numerical, heterogeneous granite-like rock specimens having different percentages of initial microcracks. The results are then compared to the ones coming from intact specimens (without initial microcracks) where only heterogeneity is considered.
OtsikkoThe proceedings of ISRM International Symposium - EUROCK 2020
KustantajaInternational Society for Rock Mechanics ISRM
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TilaJulkaistu - 14 kesäk. 2020
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TapahtumaISRM EUROCK International Symposium -
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ConferenceISRM EUROCK International Symposium
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