On the Dynamic Modeling of Marine VSC-HVDC Power Grids including Offshore Wind Farms

Luis M. Castro, Enrique Acha

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This article presents a new and comprehensive modeling framework to carry out system-wide dynamic studies of DFIG-based wind farms embedded in multi-Terminal VSC-HVDC power grids. Contrary to existing, well-developed simulation frameworks for similar studies, using electromagnetic transient (EMT) solutions, this is an RMS-Type formulation which maintains a high-degree of fidelity while enabling much faster steady-state and dynamic simulations than what it is possible to achieve with EMT simulators. The new RMS modeling framework includes AC/DC power grids of an arbitrary size, topology and number of offshore VSC-connected wind farms. A simulation tool with such a high degree of modeling versatility and numerical efficiency does not currently exist elsewhere. This has required the development, using first principles, of the RMS model of a DFIG with explicit representation of all the dynamic effects relevant for dynamic problems of the electromechanical type as opposed to the study of very fast EMT phenomena. All the control functions and parameters of the rotor-side converter, the grid-side converter and the DC link, are accounted for in the new DFIG model. The prowess of the new formulation is demonstrated using a six-Terminal VSC-HVDC link with two VSC-connected 200-MW wind farms. The impact of the wind farms' operation on both the DC grid and the AC grids is assessed. The fidelity of the output results of the new simulation tool is compared against those of the EMT-Type model implemented in Simscape Electrical of Simulink. The article shows that they favorably compare with each other, with differences inferior to 3%. The computational efficiency of the new dynamic modeling framework for HVDC-connected wind farms is unassailable.

JulkaisuIEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy
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TilaJulkaistu - lokak. 2020
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