Permeation of vegetable oils and slippery properties of extrusion coated paperboard

Mariia Mikriukova, Johanna Lahti, Jurkka Kuusipalo

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Due to the ability of oils to penetrate into the structure of polymers, it is possible to create slippery surfaces with low water droplet sliding angles based on polymer coatings. Polylactic acid, polybutylene succinate and low-density polyethylene extrusion coatings were used as such surfaces in this study. The process of penetration of vegetable oils into the polymers was studied with the subsequent investigation of slippery behaviour of such system. Cottonseed oil and castor oil showed promising properties as lubricants. For oil infused polymer surfaces the water droplet sliding angles were significantly lower than for the untreated extrusion coating. The penetration of the permeant into the upper layers of the coating was confirmed by alteration of the static water contact angle, sliding angle and also by the cross section images. LDPE extrusion coating infused with castor oil showed the lowest water sliding angle − 8°. Biopolymers, being a main focus in this study, exhibited also promising results, PLA reached sliding angle of 14° with both olive and castor oil. Dependence of polymer permeability on various factors is rather complex and the wide range of oils used in this work helps to interpret the barrier performance of the studied materials. Degree of bond saturation, viscosity and polarity were found to influence mostly on the oil permeation through the studied polymers.

JulkaisuPackaging Technology and Science
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TilaJulkaistu - toukok. 2022
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