Potential User Groups of Mobility as a Service in Finland

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With a mobility as a service (MaaS) offering, the transport needs of the end customer may be fulfilled in a way, which may challenge the car dominant mobility practices of today. Up to now, there has been few studies focusing on the interest of end users towards MaaS. This chapter presents results from a survey in Finland (N=1,176) and focuses on the interest towards MaaS services among 18-64 year olds and especially the potential of MaaS in different user groups. The authors found that particularly the respondents who currently use public transport, the respondents living in households without a car, the respondents aged 25-34, and the respondents with higher education were more interested to adopt MaaS services. They also found that people living in urban areas and in apartment houses indicated a higher interest towards MaaS. The same groups had also more often no need or will for car ownership if a competitive MaaS service would be available. Continuing urbanisation offers increasing potential for MaaS as there are many mobility services, which can be bundled into a MaaS offerings in cities.
OtsikkoImplications of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in Urban and Rural Environments
AlaotsikkoEmerging Research and Opportunities
ToimittajatAntonio Manuel Amaral, Luis Barreto, Sara Baltazar, Joao Pedro Silva, Luisa Goncalves
KustantajaIGI Global
ISBN (painettu)9781799816140
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TilaJulkaistu - 2020
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