Prevention of pressure ulcers in acute and long-term care facilities in Finland: results of a survey.

M. Lepistö, E. Eriksson, H. Hietanen, S. Asko-Seljavaara

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The purpose of this study was to identify those healthcare organizations that have a high incidence of pressure ulcers, and to determine what their staffs do to prevent pressure ulcer formation. The sample was formed from 11 hospitals in one large city on a certain day in Finland in 1998. The researchers sent questionnaires to 154 hospital units and achieved a 94% response rate. Psychiatric; gynecologic; obstetric; and eye, ear, nose, and throat units were not included. The data were collected using two questionnaires: The first gathered data about the organization and the second about the patients. Fifty-seven percent of the units surveyed reported having patients with pressure ulcers. Of these units, 45% were acute and 55% were long-term care. Thirty-nine percent of all units had a pressure ulcer team. Units with pressure ulcer patients had a staffing level of 0.6 registered nurses and practical nurses per bed, compared with 0.7 registered nurses and practical nurses per bed for those units without pressure ulcer patients. The average length of stay on the unit was less for those without pressure ulcers compared to those with ulcers (P < 0.001) and only 18% of the units without pressure ulcers had a pressure ulcer team. According to the results, those units with pressure ulcer patients identified the need for more preventive measures more frequently than the units without ulcer patients. In conclusion, pressure ulcers seem to predominate in long-term care settings, and the educational level of healthcare staffing seems to impact the occurrence of pressure ulcers. Common preventive measures are used by the staff in both acute and long-term care settings.

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