Promoting the Standing of VET in Finland: Balancing the Different Aims of VET

Heta Rintala, Petri Nokelainen

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According to EU policy, two factors are considered critical for ensuring the attractiveness of vocational education and training (VET): high quality learning pathways that are flexible and permeable and links between education and the world of work. In Finland, multiple VET-related reforms have been enacted in recent years. The VET reform highlighted individual study paths and flexibility, the extension of compulsory education placed further emphasis on youth education and the reform of continuous learning emphasised upskilling and reskilling opportunities. In this chapter, the standing of VET is first discussed based on statistical data. A small-scale Delphi study with a panel of experts was conducted to examine the current standing of VET in more detail and to reveal developments and future directions that could facilitate the promotion of VET. The results indicate that instead of continuous reforms and development projects, long-term development focused on improving quality is required, which can only be achieved with the support of stable funding. Nevertheless, the findings imply that implementing measures to promote the standing of VET will require effort, as the task will involve finding a balance between the different target groups and varying aims of VET as a promoter of social inclusion and economic growth and between employment and further education pathways.

OtsikkoThe Standing of Vocational Education and the Occupations It Serves
AlaotsikkoCurrent Concerns and Strategies For Enhancing That Standing
ToimittajatStephen Billett, Barbara Elisabeth Stalder, Vibe Aarkrog, Sarojni Choy, Steven Hodge, Anh Hai Le
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TilaJulkaistu - 2022
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