Retrieval of the conductivity spectrum of tissues in vitro with novel multimodal tomography

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Objective: Imaging of tissue engineered three-dimensional (3D) specimens is challenging due to their thickness. We propose a novel multimodal imaging technique to obtain multi-physical 3D images and the electrical conductivity spectrum of tissue engineered specimens in vitro. Approach: We combine simultaneous recording of rotational multifrequency electrical impedance tomography (R-mfEIT) with optical projection tomography (OPT). Structural details of the specimen provided by OPT are used here as geometrical priors for R-mfEIT. Main results: This data fusion enables accurate retrieval of the conductivity spectrum of the specimen. We demonstrate experimentally the feasibility of the proposed technique using a potato phantom, adipose and liver tissues, and stem cells in biomaterial spheroids. The results indicate that the proposed technique can distinguish between viable and dead tissues and detect the presence of stem cells. Significance: This technique is expected to become a valuable tool for monitoring tissue engineered specimens' growth and viability in vitro.

JulkaisuPhysics in Medicine and Biology
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TilaJulkaistu - 2021
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