Risk factors of readmission after geriatric hospital care: An interRAI-based cohort study in Finland

Hanna M. Kerminen, Pirkko O. Jäntti, Jaakko N.A. Valvanne, Heini S.A. Huhtala, Esa R.K. Jämsen

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Purpose: To identify risk factors for readmission after geriatric hospital care. Methods: A retrospective cohort study of 1,167 community-dwelling patients aged ≥70 years who were hospitalised in two geriatric hospitals and discharged to their homes over a three-year period. We combined the results of the interRAI-post acute care instrument (interRAI-PAC) with hospital discharge records. Factors associated with readmissions within 90 days following discharge were analysed using logistic regression analysis. Results: The patients' mean age was 84.5 (SD 6.2) years, and 71% (n = 827) were women. The 90-day readmission rate was 29.5%. The risk factors associated with readmission in the univariate analysis were as follows: age, admission from home vs. acute care hospital, Alzheimer's disease, unsteady gait, fatigue, unstable conditions, Activities of Daily Living Hierarchy Scale (ADLH) score, Cognitive Performance Scale (CPS) score, body mass index (BMI), frailty index, bowel incontinence, hearing difficulties, and poor self-rated health. In the multivariable analysis, age of ≥90 years, ADLH ≥1, unsteady gait, BMI <25 or ≥30 kg/m 2, and frailty remained as risk factors for readmission. Surgical operation during the treatment period was associated with a lower readmission risk. Conclusions and implications: InterRAI-PAC performed upon admission to geriatric hospitals revealed patient-related risk factors for readmission. Based on the identified risk factors, we recommend that the patient's functional ability, activities of daily living (ADL) needs, and individual factors underlying ADL disability, as well as nutritional and mobility problems should be carefully addressed and managed during hospitalization to diminish the risk for readmission.

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TilaJulkaistu - 2021
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