Robust Vision Using Retro Reflective Markers for Remote Handling in ITER

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ITER's working environment is characterized by extreme conditions, that deem maintenance and inspection tasks to be carried out through remote handling. 3D Node is a hardware/software module that extracts critical information from the remote environment during fine alignment tasks using an eye-in-hand camera system and updates the models behind the virtual reality-based remote handling platform. In this work we develop a retro-reflective marker-based version of 3D Node that estimates the pose of a planar target, the knuckle of the cassette locking system, using the markers attached to its surface. We demonstrate a pin-tool insertion task using these methods. Results show that our approach works reliably with a single low-resolution camera and outperforms the previously researched stereo depth estimation based approaches. We conclude that retro-reflective marker-based tracking has the potential to be a key enabler for remote handling operations in ITER.
JulkaisuFusion Engineering and Design
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TilaJulkaistu - 16 marrask. 2020
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