RRIL - Learning Programme of the course: Gender Equality

Karsten Krüger, Maria Caprile, Alicja Dańkowska, Jonna Hjelt, Laureano Jiménez, Natalia Kobza , Yohannes Mehari, Alba Molas, Mikko Mykkänen, Elias Pekkola, Agata Stasik, Jari Stenvall

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Responsible research and innovation (RRI), as an integrated concept, is being promoted by the European Union since 2010 and forms part of the Horizon 2020 in the area of science with and for society. RRI is formed by five strategic dimension: public engagement, gender equality, science education, open science and ethics, to which the transversal dimension of governance is added to develop harmonious governance models and institutional strategies. RRIL developed learning courses for three of these dimensions: public engagement, gender equality and ethics, to which we add an introductory course to ReSI. The course introduces the students how gender is conceived in conventional and gender economic approach and to the linkage between gender and ecological economics. It enables the practitioner to apply broader multi-disciplinary approach to evaluate the sustainable impact of their research and innovation activities based on the three pillar model: ecological, economic and social sustainability, but also to assess policy impact. The course introduces the learners in the topic of gender equality as a guiding principle of responsible and sustainable research enabling them to apply the gender perspective in the processes of social and technological innovation, taking here the fields of economy, energy and artificial intelligence, especially in urban planning as pivotal points. It underpins the linkage of the gender perspective with public engagement and innovation ethics to achieve sustainable impact of science based innovation enabling the students to apply holistic innovation approach using the three-pillar model of sustainability. The course is accessible and open for download and importation to other learning platform (previous registration as teacher) at canvas.instructure.com: English version: https://lor.instructure.com/resources/0aa23b741bac4f6a855057d12c8e17c1 Spanish version: https://lor.instructure.com/resources/d4d02abecfaa4b6a9c48db55d1630827

JulkaisupaikkaBarcelona, Spain
ISBN (elektroninen)978-3-943087-35-2
TilaJulkaistu - 15 syysk. 2021
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