Scientific approaches toward improving cervical cancer elimination strategies

Matti Lehtinen, Laia Bruni, Miriam Elfström, Penelope Gray, Margaret Logel, Filipe Colaço Mariz, Iacopo Baussano, Simopekka Vänskä, Eduardo L. Franco, Joakim Dillner

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At the 2023 EUROGIN workshop scientific basis for strategies to accelerate the elimination of cervical cancer and its causative agent, human papillomavirus (HPV) were reviewed. Although some countries have reached key performance indicators toward elimination (>90% of girls HPV vaccinated and >70% of women HPV screened), most are yet to reach these targets, implying a need for improved strategies. Gender-neutral vaccination, even with moderate vaccination coverage was highlighted as a strategy to achieve elimination more rapidly. It is more resilient against major disturbances in vaccination delivery, such as what happened during the coronavirus pandemic. Further, an analysis of ethical/legal issues indicated that female-restricted vaccination is problematic. Extended catch-up of vaccination with concomitant screening, and outreach to vulnerable groups were highlighted. Although birth cohorts with high coverage of HPV vaccination at school are protected against HPV, and HPVs have a very low reproductive rate in women above age 35, adult women below age 30 have inadequate direct protection. In addition to herd protection from gender-neutral vaccination, this group can be protected by offering concomitant catch-up HPV vaccination and HPV screening. Furthermore, hepatitis B vaccination experiences indicate that elimination cannot be achieved without prioritizing vulnerable/migrant populations. The long-lasting durability of vaccination-induced antibody responses suggests prolonged protection with HPV vaccines when adequately administrated. Finally, cost-effectiveness modelling suggests that high-coverage HPV vaccination in multiple population segments will be resource-saving due to reduced need for screening. In summary, the workshop found that strategically optimal deployment of vaccination will accelerate elimination of HPV and cervical cancer.

JulkaisuInternational journal of cancer
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TilaJulkaistu - 2024
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