Start-ups, business investors, and the flow of music: Contrasting two creative events in Helsinki, Finland

Tommi Inkinen, Salla Jokela

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The purpose of this study is to present and compare two distinct international events organized in the city of Helsinki, Finland. The events contrast strongly in their content, but they have a number of similarities that make them an interesting pair for comparison and contrast. The first event is the start-up event Slush, which brings together small businesses, investors and other stakeholders from the public sector. The second event is the modern music festival Flow, which combines high-quality design with a variety of artists and music types in an urban environment. This chapter analyzes and considers the implications of these events in a synthesizing framework, taking into account similarities and differences between the two. Relationships may be drawn between the material and immaterial urban representations, including the physical environments and places, the role of creativity and innovativeness in cities, and the urban (economic) profile. A connection is established between approaches ranging from techno-innovative hype (Slush) to the development of urban culture through living-room events (Flow). These elements contribute to the complex process of urban image creation. All Nordic capital cities (Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm) have actively promoted environmentally sound, innovative and creative dimensions in their marketing and image creation. The two cases are excellent examples of city events supporting this promotion.
OtsikkoPlanning and Managing Smaller Events
AlaotsikkoDownsizing Urban Spectacle
ToimittajatStefano Di Vita, Mark Wilson
ISBN (elektroninen)9780429266263
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TilaJulkaistu - 25 syysk. 2020
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NimiRoutledge Studies in Urbanism and the City


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