StartCards — A method for early-stage software startups

Kai Kristian Kemell, Anh Nguyen-Duc, Mari Suoranta, Pekka Abrahamsson

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Context: Software startups are important drivers of economy on a global scale, and have become associated with innovation and high growth. However, the overwhelming majority of startups ends in failure. Many of these startup failures ultimately stem from software engineering issues, and requirements engineering (RE) ones in particular. Despite the emphasis placed on the importance of RE activities in the startup context, many startups continue to develop software without a clear market or customer, having never had meaningful contact with their would-be customer. Objective: We develop a method aimed at early-stage startups that is intended to help startups through the initial stages of the startup process: StartCards. The method emphasizes the importance of idea and product validation activities in particular in order to tackle anti-patterns related to (a lack of) RE in startups. This method is based on existing literature, both grey and academic literature. Method: StartCards was developed using the Canonical Action Research (CAR) approach, over the course of 4 AR cycles. During the AR process, the method was used by 44 student startup teams in a practical course setting. Data from the use of the method was collected through self-reporting in the form of modified learning diaries, mentoring meetings with the startup teams, and a qualitative survey. Results: We consider the current version of StartCards useful for early-stage startups based on the data we have collected. The method can also be used as a pedagogical tool in startup education. Conclusions: The paper presents the first published version of the method. While work on the method continues, the method is deemed ready for use.

JulkaisuInformation and Software Technology
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TilaJulkaistu - elok. 2023
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