Talbot self-imaging and two-photon interference in ring-core fibers

Matias Eriksson, Benjamin A. Stickler, Lea Kopf, Markus Hiekkamäki, Regina Gumenyuk, Yuri Chamorovskiy, Sven Ramelow, Robert Fickler

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Wave propagation on the surface of cylinders exhibits interferometric self-imaging, much like the Talbot effect in the near-field diffraction at periodic gratings. We report the experimental observation of the cylindrical Talbot carpet in weakly guiding ring-core fibers for classical light fields. We further show that the ring-core fiber acts as a higher-order optical beamsplitter for single photons, whose output can be controlled by the relative phase between the input light fields. By also demonstrating high-quality two-photon interference between indistinguishable photons sent into the ring-core fiber, our findings open the door to applications in optical telecommunications as a compact beam multiplexer as well as in quantum information processing tasks as a scalable realization of a linear optical network.

JulkaisuPhysical Review A
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TilaJulkaistu - jouluk. 2021
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